Oral Arguments in Recent 9th Circuit Cases

There have been three cases working their way up the 9th Circuit, which covers California, Hawaii, and most of the other western states. Dave Hardy has links to oral arguments in all of them. I have not yet had a chance to listen, but today, there was arguments in the case of Mehl v. Blanas, brought to you by the same guy that brought us the <sarcasm>fantastic and victory for gun rights in Silveria v. Lockyer</sarcasm> (I put it in tags, because the attorney who argued that case thinks he really won it). There is a very real chance that this case will make all the hard work done so far come crashing down like a carefully and painstakingly built house of cards.

Apparently in Mehl today, the Attorney for the Appellant started off oral arguments being late to court. I suppose this is “how the pros really handle appellate work.” Firearms attorney Bobbie K. Ross was live tweeting the oral arguments today. At first I was confused as to what case this was, and was not aware Gorski’s case was still out there. Needless to say, fingers should be crossed this case doesn’t cause extensive damage.

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  1. I don’t know, the 9th doing whatever it takes to rule we don’t have a right to carry (bear) arms would not be in the least surprising. And we very possibly need a circuit split to get this issue up to the Supremes.

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