This shotgun looks like a Turkish manufacturers’ answer to the Kel-Tec KSG. Like the KSG, it has a three-position selector to choose between the right magazine, left magazine, but a big and nifty difference, I think, is the fact that the middle position on the UTS-15 causes the firearm to alternate between tubes, whereas in the KSG it blocks both magazine tubes. As Hickok45 shows, it makes it easy to alternate between different loads. I’ve heard of reliability problems with the KSG as well, which makes me wonder how the UTS-15 compares in that department.

3 thoughts on “UTAS UTS-15”

  1. WARNING: I touched on the Kel-Tec KSG link and got hijacked to an horrific porn app ad. My back button wouldn’t back me out of it so I had to kill power and erase memory, cache, cookies and data. You might want to remove that Sebastian. I just hope it didn’t have a worm or virus.
    – Arnie

  2. One important difference to note is that the UTAS might not be usable by left hand shooters, as it ejects shells from a breech on the right of the weapon near the pistol grip. The KSG ejects from the bottom, so it’s usable by both rightys and leftys.

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