A Call to Action

NRA is trying to push people to call on the Sportsman Act of 2012, which would destroy at least one avenue for the EPA to regulate ammunition.

3 Responses to “A Call to Action”

  1. Andy B. says:

    I guess any advancement of our interest is good, but, here is a sincere question:

    Is Section 3(2)(B) of the Toxic Sub6stances Control Act (15 U.S.C. 2602(2)(B)) one of our major problems? I really don’t know; has it been invoked against hunters, shooters, or gun clubs? (Digress to nostalgia: Remember when the American Rifleman had a monthly feature, “A Court Case of Consequence?”)

    I would note that one of the greatest threats to our shooting sports presently is the Clean Water Act, which while it doesn’t affect hunters, places a club in violation if it projects so much as rose petals into “Waters of the United States” from “fixed points” (e.g., trap ranges, by precedent) without an EPA permit.

    I also suspect (but can’t swear) that the provisions of the Sportsman Act of 2012 will provide any protection for ranges if it is discovered that, say, accumulated lead is polluting the “groundwater” to a level exceeding some standard that may vary in the future.

    I often feel moved to apologize for my cynicism, but not to give it up; and experience here in PA has taught me to raise a warning flag any time legislation has the word “sportsman” attached to it.

    • Andy B. says:

      Make that “NOT provide any protections. . .”

    • Sebastian says:

      The Toxic Substances Act is potentially more dangerous because it could give the EPA authority to apply a blanket ban to lead ammunition. The CWA is dangerous to shooting, but can only regulate use. EPA was petitioned bring lead ammo in under the TSA, and declined to do so, in Obama’s first term. I think there’s a fear that they may not decline to do so in a second term. Whether it’s justifiable fear or not, the power is there.