2010 SHOT Show Busts a Bust

Remember in 2010 at SHOT when the ATF raided the Smith & Wesson booth? Turns out nothing came from that. All charges were dropped and the informant is in prison. Notes TFB:

So in summery, the BATFE and FBI made a high profile raid during SHOT Show to arrest a 21 gun industry people. Their case was hinged on the word of a thief, druggie and all round morally bankrupt individual. Bistrong got just 18 months while the accused spent two years fighting their case. This hardly seems like justice to me.

This is more and more what Uncle Sam’s justice actually does look like.

8 thoughts on “2010 SHOT Show Busts a Bust”

    1. Dangerously wrong. A regime that loses legitimacy puts itself in serious jeopardy. That more and more true for what I call the police-judicial complex, and for the Federal government when too many Cabinet members are obvious criminals like our favorite tax cheat who just happens to be in charge of collecting taxes….

      1. If Washington DC and all our Govt were destroyed by a natural or man made disaster we would all be better off……

        Sad but true…..

  1. Uncle Sam’s justice, did you call it?

    I don’t even to look then. There is no such animal these days!

  2. Taking the word of criminals is a part of the “kultur” brought over when the IRS’ “stillbusters,” the Alcohol Tax Unit, became Alcohol,Tobacco, and Firearms. Back in the 1940’s my old boss would not allow the ATU to operate in the county until he had checked the credibility of the witness.

    In 1971 the BATmen raided a young Washington Post pressman’s home on the word of a car thief, and shot Kenyon Ballew down like a dog. And things have obviously not changed much in the interim.

    Except that the leadership has possibly gotten worse.


    1. Disagree, unless the new media is completely letting us down. Though the Waco debacle, the BATF’s “jack-booted American fascists” (Democratic Michigan Representative John Dingle) piled up atrocity after atrocity, killing kittens, causing women to miscarry, shooting various innocents, although as far as I remember none fatally until Waco.

      Which really hurt them (as well as the FBI’s Hostage “Rescue” Team and the FBI in general), and as far as I can remember the atrocities of those sorts pretty much stopped (but not the bogus indictments of course), until perhaps, Fast and Furious. Which even then is of an different kind, the overwhelming majority of its victims are essentially anonymous to us Mexicans.

      1. The sad part is it took the killing of a US Border Patrol Agent for anyone to care enough to blow the whistle on the operation.
        Citizens lives, both US and Mexican, by the hundreds, weren’t reason enough to get anyone to come forward by themselves.

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