Heaviest Thing Amazon Will Ship Free

Happens to be a gun safe. They take a loss on the safe, but make it up on smaller items. I’d note that when I was looking into a safe, I looked at mail order, like Amazon. The downside is they’ll deliver it to your property, but getting it in the house, and to the space you want to put it, is your problem. If you don’t have the equipment to move a 1500 pound safe, you’re screwed. I chose to go with Liberty Safes of New Jersey, who delivered to the room I wanted, and bolted it to the floor. It was well worth the extra cost to have them do it.

9 thoughts on “Heaviest Thing Amazon Will Ship Free”

  1. Gun safes pretty much universally suck. They don’t offer nearly as much protection as the buyer thinks against an aggressive burglar and their fire ratings are a joke (try to find the details of the “standard” they use – every vendor makes up their own).

    Living in Pennsylvania you should buy a surplus class 5 GSA container at auction in Mechanicsburg, then have it serviced and delivered by a safe company. It will cost less and is vastly tougher.

    1. Most burglars aren’t coming prepared to break into even a Residential Security Container. A lot of security can be gained by bolting it to the floor so it can’t be easily positioned for a pry bar attack. Half of security isn’t being an absolutely hardened target, it’s being a more hardened target than the next guy.

      1. Unfortunately, some of us have tools that make breaking into one a fairly easy ordeal. Best place in my home is in my basement… next to the metal working tools.

        Other strategies must be taken for our valuables.

  2. Conversely, I was shopping cheaper than dirt for gun & shooting widgets. 3 items totaling $38. They wanted $40 shipping for 3 packages from their 3 warehouses.

    In addition to not getting my order, They got an earful.

  3. Try Graf & Sons, flat rate shipping of (I believe) $6, plus HazMat fees if applicable.

    Love the company, good customer service, returns are a snap. Have had zero problems with them.

  4. I imagine the lack of sales tax (NJ exempts firearms safety and storage, including trigger locks and safes) didn’t hurt…

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