Another Member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Convicted

Last week, another member of Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors Against Guns group was convicted & sentenced for his crimes. Michael Pembleton of Sunflower, MS was caught in March loading $7,100 of designer purses he stole from his employer in the back of his vehicle. Yet, amazingly, Bloomberg featured Pembleton’s name on this ad asking Congress to do more to keep criminals from getting guns.

9 thoughts on “Another Member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Convicted”

  1. Perhaps we need “Mayor Control” laws?
    With mayors of towns over a certain size or population declared “Assault Mayors” and subject to additional restrictions?

    This line of thinking should make perfect sense to the anti’s crowd……

  2. Look, he is scum its true. However, that article was printed JAN 2011 BEFORE he was ousted and BEFORE he ripped off purses (fallen pretty far eh).

    I am totally PRO 2nd Amendment, but lets not use more BS media tactics to make a point. BS + BS = HUGE pile of BS.

    1. No one said that he was a criminal when he signed it. I linked it because it’s proof that he was a member of the coalition. Bloomberg’s team tries to remove criminal members from their website as quickly as possible so the media won’t catch on to how many of them are corrupt. Since we happened to already have an image that proves he was a member, it was relevant to link it.

      1. I don’t see how his conviction out of office, as a dept store assistant manager in any way connects Bloomberg to his corruption. Was Bloomberg going to black market the purses for him? That is what I am talking about. Its a weak link at best and really doesn’t show anything. He didn’t use a firearm to take the purses. I am certain if we looked around a little more at pro gun advocates you would find just as many corrupt, which you haven’t. I prefer to push the things that matter, in a more straightforward way. Like the ban on large capacity magazines. Whats the point? Is it going to stop a criminal from getting one, or slow him down if he has to “swap a smaller clip?” My point is, strength in numbers beats strength of BS any day…or I would hope.

        1. Wow, talk about cherry-picking facts to try and suit your argument. He was arrested while still very much mayor and a member of Bloomberg’s coalition. In fact, he continued in office for 7 months after being caught in the act before he left office – only days before pleading guilty to the charges.

          1. :) You are missing the bigger point still to prove yours. I’m glad you called me out though, I was doing the same thing you are. Do you really think Bloomberg had anything to do with purse stealing or knew the guy was a thief in advance? Where is the corruption in the OFFICE he held? How does it relate to our 2nd amendment rights?

            1. This is the last reply from me on this topic, but I’m not going to let your accusation of ignoring the big picture stand for others to assume it’s right. I notice that you have never commented on this blog before on any topic covered in the last 5+ years – including the many, many posts covering MAIG that analyzed their strategy, funding, and recruitment of mayors who, at this point, have a significantly higher rate of criminal activity than the general population. You are either willfully ignoring those many posts just to rant on this single one, or you’re the one refusing to look at the larger picture of covering the story of MAIG – which happens to include the smaller, individual stories of these gun control activists engaging in criminal behavior of all types, just like it includes breaking the story that Bloomberg was signing the name of a dead mayor to his letters to Congress and advertisements for over a year. It’s all part of the larger story which has been widely documented and discussed.

              Instead, you’re taking the time to create your own fake histories of both Pembleton’s timeline in office and of what this blog has already covered and discussed about the bigger picture for MAIG. You have the categorized archives to peruse. There’s even a search function; feel free to use it. If you think there’s something wildly off base in the overall coverage of MAIG, then feel free to comment on other posts with those specifics. But don’t deny they exist or that the story hasn’t been reported and discussed here.

              The story here – as has been the case in the nearly 3 dozen mayors who have been convicted or are undergoing criminal investigation – is that Bloomberg’s coalition doesn’t hold as much credibility when it is pointed out that many of them are simply criminals who support disarming the law-abiding. When their crimes are reported, Bloomberg then tries to wipe away the story and pretend they weren’t part of his coalition because he knows that it hurts his case. Political coverage of these mayors, once caught, is often more of reporting on a circus act than on their roles in serious policy discussions. (See recent local coverage of the fiasco in Trenton since Mack has been arrested as a great example.) If one of their pet issues has become gun control via joining with Mayor Mike, Bloomberg knows that this hurts his case.

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