A Former Bloomberg Gun Control Ally Breaks Probation

One of Mike Bloomberg’s allies in Mayors Against Illegal Guns who only left the coalition when she had to resign from office when convicted of multiple crimes is in the court system again. After reaching a deal with prosecutors, she’s already in violation of her probation.

Court records show former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon has been charged with violating her probation on theft and perjury charges.

Dixon, a Democrat, resigned in 2010 after she pleaded guilty to lying about gifts from her former boyfriend, a developer who received tax breaks from the city. She was also convicted of stealing about $500 in gift cards donated to the city for needy families.

That’s right, Bloomberg’s gun control project had him working with a mayor who stole gifts for families in poverty, and even when the court allowed her probation, she still couldn’t keep herself out of trouble. I guess this means we need to give his project a new nickname – Illegaler Mayors Against Guns.

6 thoughts on “A Former Bloomberg Gun Control Ally Breaks Probation”

  1. Just to keep the record straight – she stole millions from charity. She was convicted for insulting Maryland, not for her run-of-the-mill corruption. A Maryland jury convicted her of stealing the gift cards only because it was so egregious. She decorated her house (with taxpayer funds) and held a party (with taxpayer funds) for donors, and the donors also brought along gifts for the needy. She took what she wanted from the gifts for the needy, and when somebody noticed, she said she was confused and thought those gifts were for her personally.

  2. I interacted with Ms. Dixon exactly once when living in Baltimore. She was invited, as our City Council representative, to a large protest meeting on the proposed development of a piece of land next to our neighborhood.

    She showed up, discovered from her aide that zero of us were donors to her campaign, and left. Thanks, Ms. Dixon!

    She deserves much more than she has been given.

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