Blocking Out the Media

This is the point where I stop paying attention to election coverage, because to be quite honest, I just can’t stand it. Looking at this video from the 1960 election, however, I see our current media coverage environment is nothing new:

I’m particularly amused by the use of the brand new whiz bang RCA 501 computer, which takes the place of the media pundit in the 1960 election. The amusing thing here is your iPhone or Android phone has many orders of magnitude more processing power than the all knowing RCA 501. I guess it was a lot easier to impress people back then.

h/t to Volokh Conspiracy.

2 thoughts on “Blocking Out the Media”

  1. I watched Fox and it was depressing. They were so excited to be first with calling the election. I know that I was just disappointed in the results,but it felt like a betrayal.

    However thoughts after the election results.

    1) They will come for the guns.
    2) chances of this dispute between the progressives and tryanny and the rest of us will become violent.
    3) the 3 % may have to act on their principles
    $0 Obama will get to feel what Nixon felt with All the scandals coming to to roost.

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