You Mean Like When Hurricanes Hit Florida?

CSGV is apparently unaware that hurricanes making landfall is a regular occurrence in some parts of the country, like Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and North Carolina. All of these states have “weak” gun laws by CSGV standards. Category 1 hurricanes making landfall in these places might dominate the news cycle for a day or so, and then the media moves on.

But while we’re on the topic of defense, CSGV acts like there are no guns in New Jersey or New York. I can assure you there are, and the media has been reporting on such if you care to dig.

A sign outside a home in Long Beach, LI, summed it all up for storm weary New Yorkers. It read, “Looters will be shot by local vet.”

In the mean time, I’ve been keeping in contact with a few people in the Garden State who’ve been without power, but nonetheless sufficient armed. Good people armed in the wake of large scale natural disasters like this does more to prevent violence than it does to foment it. A lesson that is totally lost on Mayor Bloomberg, who is refusing help from the National Guard for the 5 Boroughs, 3 of which were utterly battered by this storm:

“We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update on the city’s ongoing Hurricane Sandy cleanup. “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

So for Bloomberg, even the guns wielded by our National Guard are undesirable. And how many of your towns have signed onto this radical and un-American agenda? You know what that sounds like to me?

Good people need to be able to defend themselves in the wake of events like this. We will bring the Second Amendment, true Second Amendment right, and not the nonsense Mayor Bloomberg disingenuously claims to support, to the people of New York. In this struggle I believe we will ultimately prevail. But a lot of that depends on next Tuesday, and who gets to pick the next several Supreme Court justices.

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  1. “So for Bloomberg, even the guns wielded by our National Guard are undesirable.”

    Of course, he’s got his own personal army, remember?

  2. Anybody taking Bloomberg’s money needs to be tarred with that tyrant’s brush.

    “Michael Bloomberg thinks you are such an infant that you need to have your soda served to you in a sippy cup. He also thinks African Americans ought to be stopped and frisked by the police for having the temerity to walk around his city while black. Candidate X shares his philosophy closely enough that Bloomberg saw fit to give him/her half a million dollars in campaign contributions. Ask candidate X why they think you’re too stupid to decide how much soda you should drink, or why they have such a primal distrust for our fellow citizens just because they’re black.”

    Make them fucking own their association with this vile creature.

  3. Exactly right Pyrotek85, this is a man that has bragged, erroneously, about the NYPD being bigger than most armies.

    Also Bloomberg lies, since NYC is a very special May Issue regime. So you don’t have to be in the NYPD to legally carry a gun there. You just have to have some friends in real high places.

    The only people he wants to have guns are the NYPD and his well-connected cronies and chums.

    In short the Baron’s Men-at-arms, and Friends of the Baronial Court.

    1. Frankly that man creeps me out. He’s trying to get his tentacles into everyone else’s business, and he’s just a city mayor. What a control freak.

  4. I thought Pennsylvania has a law that makes it illegal for the government to seize firearms during a declared emergency?

    1. It’s now post-Katrina a national law, with teeth allowing a private right of action against those responsible. Obama even voted for the law unlike Hillary!, which is the only pro-gun thing he was known to have done prior to becoming President.

      1. OTOH in case the police come in with AR15s or MP5s drawn at you and tell you to hand over the guns or you’re going to get shot, what are you going to do?
        And they’re smart enough to not give you receipts, so all you have is your own statement against that of multiple LEOs when and if you ever dare to take it to court, and it’s easy to imagine how that would turn out (iow, your case gets thrown out and you end up on the permanent shitlist of a whole lot of police forces, random searches, harassment, getting stopped left and right for nothing at all, etc. etc.).

        IOW you can have all the laws you want protecting you against police brutality or illegal search and seizure, but in reality those laws mean absolutely nothing if the people enforcing them are the same ones they’re designed to stop from harming you.

        1. Get it caught on video, like examples of it were during Katrina (and now they’re so much smaller, cheaper and long lasting; if something like this were to happen, I have one I could quickly turn on and duct tape to a corner of the building where due to it’s wooden walls and oodles of stuff on them it would be unlikely to be noticed), and you’ve got proof of one sort.

          Going again from Katrina, the seized weapons were stored in open barrels left outside; even after that treatment serial numbers can be retrieved. And at least for me, my insurance company has all of them, I’ve got my own contemporaneous records, etc.

          As for pursuing the action, well, if you think its worth it get the hell out of the anti-gun jurisdiction; it is likely to be more expensive that just replacing your guns. You probably won’t have to travel that far to get to one where the cops have no sympathy towards this sort of thing, which is pretty exceptional.

          Note also this would be a Federal lawsuit, so the state law enforcement-judicial complex wouldn’t have the option of dismissing the case on bogus grounds. And we know there are pro-RKBA judges in the Federal judiciary, and even for the more neutral ones this is not behavior they’re likely to view with favor. With the re-norming of guns in society and I suspect an increasing realization that cops are out of control, get it in front of a jury and who knows?

          Note also the deterrent effect is what really matters. One case that ruins a few police officers and their superiors and this will likely stop altogether.

  5. “Chris Lane, a 50-year-old resident of the Coney Island Houses, put together a small arsenal with his double pump action gun.”

    A Double Pump action Shotgun? That I’d Like to see!
    And, “an arsenal” with 1 or possibly 2 shotguns? That’s crazy.

    I have a couple pump shotguns, a leveraction, 4 bolt actions including 22s, a semi auto AK-47, an SKS, a couple revolvers, and 4 automatics. What is that? An entire armory?

    1. Sounds like a horrible boating accident that claims them all just waiting to happen.

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