The Not-So-Subtle Sparring in the Gun Control Community

I guess Bloomberg’s new hire is all about going to for the jugular when it comes to insulting different gun groups that aren’t signing his paycheck. This is the not-so-subtle “screw the incompetent ones” tweet of the night directed at anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign and other smaller organizations that jumped on board with the Lehrer campaign for the last presidential debate:

Stephen Barton’s Twitter bio opening line: Policy and Outreach Assistant at Mayors Against Illegal Guns (@maigcoalition)

Yeah, I guess MAIG is not afraid of offending the other groups for their utter inability to get a gun control question asked during the only debate that was pure domestic policy two weeks ago.

In the meantime, the Brady Campaign isn’t willing to give any credit to MAIG’s efforts – whatever they were – because they say it wasn’t someone like them or their friends in the media, tonight was all about the little average people. (You know, those little average people from the solid blue state of New York in the Congressional district represented by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, the voice of anti-gun hysteria in the House of Representatives. Those little average voters who are just like your neighbors on national tv getting their hair done.) Their take:

DID YOU NOTICE that it wasn’t a professional journalist, experienced moderator or expert pundit who finally asked the presidential candidates about guns?

It was a concerned citizen – an average American.

And it will be everyday, concerned Americans who will keep this dialogue going.

In other words, their version is that it doesn’t matter what Bloomberg’s group is claiming since it’s not really about politically-connected people and competence to achieve a simple goal during the first major policy campaign launched by the new President of the Brady Campaign…

So, giving the gloating by MAIG and the “pretend it’s all about little people, not people more connected than us” spin by Brady, who wins in the gun control movement tonight?

5 thoughts on “The Not-So-Subtle Sparring in the Gun Control Community”

  1. Did you see this?

    As a liberal, I believed and still do believe, that after the complete and abject failure of conservatism, we should have been heralding in a President Al Gore, or if not, then a President John Edwards. Barack Obama is not my first choice. But as he did vote yes on banning cluster bombs in civilian areas, and speak out against this war before it happened, perhaps he is the better choice. Perhaps a third party candidate is a better choice for you. These are matters of individual conscience. But Hillary is not the answer.

    And I’m not turning my feminist card in.


    Catherine Fenton
    Media Coordinator
    CODEPINK Long Island

  2. Hmm. I commented earlier this month on the possibility of Bloomberg and his MAIG Group being the “Heir Apparent” of the Anti-Freedom Movement. But I didn’t think he’d be going for a “Hostile Takeover.”

    1. Errr, I don’t know, pissing on people who are competing for mind-share doesn’t rise to the level of “Hostile Takeover”. If anything, MAIG is now stepping into a political vacuum.

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