An Act of Kindness

Robb Birthday is coming up in a few days, and he’s asking as a present for some kindness for your fellow man. If it were up to me, and I had godlike powers, I’d make it so Robb doesn’t have to turn 40, and hope that maybe that kindness will be returned when it’s my turn in, err… a year and a half (that soon? Ugh).

3 thoughts on “An Act of Kindness”

  1. Once you kids get to my side of fifty you’ll realize that forty’s really not such a big deal after all. Now where’s my senior discount?!

  2. 40? Piffle. Four decades is merely approaching middle age.

    Wait until you are a few months shy of 80 – and still get called a kid by the old guys at the coffee shop.

    Old meaning 90 plus. 80 is merely late middle age.


  3. Tempus fuggedaboutit. I’ll be rounding that corner shortly after you do, and have compounded my infant-induced fractured sleep schedule with a job where I’m on call one week in 3 and have to regularly work nights because that’s when maintenance is performed.

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