3 thoughts on “A Safety App”

  1. Dumb as Hell, meet dumbest thing ever from Hell.

    Really, looking and reading an IPhone is only going to get your ass kicked harder. Then the ambulance driver will find you bruised, broke and without the phone.

    Situational Awareness!! Be smart.

  2. I think a long time ago I read about an online website that would evaluate walking routes based on the number of crimes reported for the streets involved.

    I could see as useful an app that would monitor where you were, and send you a warning if you appeared to be entering a high-crime area. Over the years I have heard many anecdotes of tourists in Philadelphia being victimized after they wandered into areas they didn’t know were bad.

  3. That would be nice for walking through LA and it’s many neighborhoods. Feature suggestion: A wardrobe evaluator. The last thing you want to do is wear the wrong colors in the wrong neighborhood. You could take a picture of yourself, submit it through the app, and the Safety Advisor could say for example, “Hey, you might not want to go down that street while wearing those shoes.”

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