So Long C-Listers!

I have finally graduated to B-list status. I did cheat a little, because I was at 99 and needed just a few more links to push me over the 100 mark in Technorati authority, and I knew the Ron Paul aggregators out there would be enough to do it:

B-List Blogger

Yay! SayUncle is pretty close to A-list status, which is 500 links. Maybe a few posts about Ron Paul can push him over the top too.

10 Responses to “So Long C-Listers!”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    Congrats, you wouldn’t really want to go to a snooty A-list party full of jocks, soshs and cheerleaders – would you? ;-) You’ll find me in the kitchen at parties.

  2. Ahab says:

    I suppose I could start playing with Technorati more. But I just feel so dirty when I do.

  3. w00t! I’m on the “D” list.

  4. Sebastian says:

    One of the signs you’re a blogger is that you care more about your authority with Technorati than you do with your children.

  5. Joseph says:

    D-list for me.

    I feel sad.

  6. Sebastian says:

    You need to post more, and link more. The only way you get links is by linking to other people and saying enough stuff so that every once in a while you say something interesting. 90% of what I post is probably crap, but it’s the 10% good stuff that gets you the links. All you need to get into C-list land is 10 links.

  7. Joseph says:

    Yeah, I know. I’ve actually been planning a Ron Paul post or two for a while, and now that I know that there are aggregators around, I should get them out really soon.

  8. Ace says:

    Yep. D-List for me, too.

    Gonna follow Sebastian’s suggestion: post more and link more.

  9. Sebastian says:

    Also, don’t link a lot to A-list blogs. If you’re C-list and want to be B-list, link to B-list blogs. If you’re D-list, link to C-list blogs. This is not a hard rule. D-list status is easy to shed. Going from C to B is harder. Also, post on people’s blogs. Make people know who you are. I just had to approve Ace’s comment, which means I didn’t know he existed before now.

    The reason not to link quite so much to A-listers is because 1) they will rarely return a link. 2) they bring a lot of traffic, but not a lot of regular readers. An Instalaunch is great for marveling at the awesome traffic bringing power of Glenn Reynolds, and it’ll boost your traffic into the stratosphere for a few days, but if you rely on it, you’ll be the blog equivalent of a one hit wonder.

  10. DirtCrashr says:

    I’m adding you to my Gunbloggers because frankly it’s been due, but lately mismanagement and poor oversight got in the way.