So Long C-Listers!

I have finally graduated to B-list status. I did cheat a little, because I was at 99 and needed just a few more links to push me over the 100 mark in Technorati authority, and I knew the Ron Paul aggregators out there would be enough to do it:

B-List Blogger

Yay! SayUncle is pretty close to A-list status, which is 500 links. Maybe a few posts about Ron Paul can push him over the top too.

10 thoughts on “So Long C-Listers!”

  1. Congrats, you wouldn’t really want to go to a snooty A-list party full of jocks, soshs and cheerleaders – would you? ;-) You’ll find me in the kitchen at parties.

  2. One of the signs you’re a blogger is that you care more about your authority with Technorati than you do with your children.

  3. You need to post more, and link more. The only way you get links is by linking to other people and saying enough stuff so that every once in a while you say something interesting. 90% of what I post is probably crap, but it’s the 10% good stuff that gets you the links. All you need to get into C-list land is 10 links.

  4. Yeah, I know. I’ve actually been planning a Ron Paul post or two for a while, and now that I know that there are aggregators around, I should get them out really soon.

  5. Also, don’t link a lot to A-list blogs. If you’re C-list and want to be B-list, link to B-list blogs. If you’re D-list, link to C-list blogs. This is not a hard rule. D-list status is easy to shed. Going from C to B is harder. Also, post on people’s blogs. Make people know who you are. I just had to approve Ace’s comment, which means I didn’t know he existed before now.

    The reason not to link quite so much to A-listers is because 1) they will rarely return a link. 2) they bring a lot of traffic, but not a lot of regular readers. An Instalaunch is great for marveling at the awesome traffic bringing power of Glenn Reynolds, and it’ll boost your traffic into the stratosphere for a few days, but if you rely on it, you’ll be the blog equivalent of a one hit wonder.

  6. I’m adding you to my Gunbloggers because frankly it’s been due, but lately mismanagement and poor oversight got in the way.

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