Foreign Shootings

A major tactic of our opponents is to dig through papers finding horror stories involving people misusing guns and pointing to the article, then pointing to us, and shaming us publicly, like we had something to do with it. “If only those crazy gun nut extremists would just support reasonable gun laws, like they have in Europe, these kinds of things wouldn’t happen,” they say. It’s a pretty good sign they are running out of arguments, and it looks like they’ve run out of that argument too.

5 thoughts on “Foreign Shootings”

    1. I’ve read, although not sufficient confirmed to my satisfaction, that a lot of counties blatantly falsify their statistics, e.g.:

      In Japan, the standard father kills family then self is scored as all suicides. There’s some cultural support for that, but for reporting crime statistics to the world….

      In many European counties murders and other serious crimes in certain groups such as the Roma (AKA Gipsies) aren’t reported. I’ve heard this is also true of some Muslim subcultures.

      And the usual institutional incentives cause under-reporting all over the place, from NYC to the U.K. (I’ve read a credible account of a murder scored as a suicide in the latter by a convenient doctor).

      1. Cultural norms for settling feuds differ widely. In many countries that report very low gun crime, disputes are traditionally settled with explosives or arson – horrific multiple murders occur, but it’s not that icky “gun crime” stuff.

  1. We’ve had 100 shootings so far in Sydney this year, so its not hard for the SMH to run a gun story every other day. Which they will do, having a very anti-gun agenda. The spokesbeast for gun control in Australia, Samantha Lee, gets so many op-eds that I thought she was a staff writer.

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