LAPD Combat Qualification

Joe Huffman discusses the LAPD combat qualification course he set up for a local gun club in Idaho. Barron Barnett worked up this this excellent video:

I suspect the reaction of our opponents to this will be not remarkably different from the strategy ostriches employ. Ordinary citizens can never shoot better than the police. This is just not possible. They don’t have the training!

6 thoughts on “LAPD Combat Qualification”

  1. I find it very distracting when I start recognizing funky fonts like the Bleeding Cowboys. That’s not a criticism, that’s just a statement that I get really distracted by that stuff very easily. :)

    Bravo on the video. I assume antis would stop it the second he says it is modified without listening long enough to find out they actually had to make it harder. :)

    1. There was a reason for the bleeding cowboys. If you get the reference, pat yourself on the back, if you don’t… Go here.

      While searching through fonts I saw it and started laughing and said, “that’ll do pig”.

        1. I figured most people probably have forgotten. I started laughing because I remembered I had a Junior Internet Detectives badge and felt this was me using it!

          At that point I didn’t care if anyone else got it.

  2. The police “train to the test” throughout the Academy and, based on my military rifle quality experience, a significant percentage probably don’t pass on the first attempt, but a mixed bag of non-LEOs walk in cold to a harder test and do that well?

    Yeah, the anti’s keep using the phrase “highly trained”, I do not think it means what they think it means.

  3. Once upon a time about 15 years ago we had a group that sort of a combat action thing going. not exactly IDPA or IPSC but something like it. We had an open invite to local LEOs to come shoot with us. Most didn’t come back for seconds. We did have one LASO that shot with us regularly but he was their resident competitor.

    I helped train with the local police academy. Nope, their not that well trained in firearms.

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