People keep joking about it being the Carter years all over again, but this is getting kind of weird.├é┬áInstapundit has much the same reaction. I’ve been looking at carpet to redo my home office, and you know what else is back? Shag carpet. They are calling it frieze carpet now, but it’s the same crap our parents were spilling their bong water on in the 70s.

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  1. It must be coincidence but I was watching Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (from 1979) on Netflix last night

  2. Complete with little weenie, tiny, Rastafarian dust mites.

    I had the shag rug in BRIGHT lime green in my first apartment. “Look at the colors, man”!

  3. What next? Leisure suits and disco? Avocado and harvest gold appliances? Yikes!

    Actually, Jimmy Carter notwithstanding, 1979 was a good year for me. I graduated college, got a job working construction during the summer (and realized quickly that blue collar work was hard), and started grad school.

  4. 1979 In Music:
    Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious is found dead from an overdose, a day after being released on bail from Rikers Island prison.
    The Clash kick off their first concert on their first American tour at the Berkeley Community Theatre outside San Francisco, California. Bo Diddley opens the show and the Clash open their set with the song “I’m So Bored with the U.S.A.”.
    Dire Straits begin their first U.S. tour in Boston.
    The Pretenders sign a contract with Sire Records.
    Van Halen releases their second album, Van Halen II.
    Ozzy Osbourne is fired as lead singer of Black Sabbath. He is replaced in May by Ronnie James Dio.
    The Who play their first concert following the death of drummer Keith Moon.
    Alternative Tentacles record label established by Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra.
    The Sony Walkman goes on sale in Japan.
    “Disco Demolition Night”, an anti-disco promotional event for a Chicago rock station involving exploding disco records with a bomb, causes a near-riot between games during a baseball major league doubleheader, forcing the cancellation of the second game.
    British rock band Led Zeppelin play what are to be their last British concerts.
    “My Sharona” by The Knack hits #1 on the Billboard charts.
    INXS perform in public for the first time.
    U2 enters the studio for the first time .
    The single “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang is released.

    No, it’s not 1979. And that’s a shame.

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