Electronic Arts Partnering with Gun Makers

If you’re a gamer, and also part of our shooting culture, you might want to meander over to Gameological.com and start scoring points for the team. EA is partnering with gun makers, which I consider to be a good sign, but some people are freaking out about it. In some cases, the right people. But this is one of those cases we should play some defense. There’s nothing wrong with marketing a legal product, and makers of first person shooters can be as much in the political crosshairs as gun companies. It’s not surprising to me that convenient scapegoats for complex social problems may find themselves to be birds of a feather.

8 thoughts on “Electronic Arts Partnering with Gun Makers”

  1. For background, the original article is about a week old and has made most interested game-blog already.

  2. I’m not thrilled about this, only because it may increase the % of f–ktards among the gun owning public.

    I truly think, if any sort of gun owner were to do something irresponsible or stupid, it would be the guy that mail ordered (even via FFL) his first gun after a sleepless weekend of non-stop FPS shooters.

    Basically it’s the opposite of a responsible, trained gun owner taking a first time shooter to the range.

  3. I dunno, gamers seem to straddle the line of pro-gun ownership. I see a lot of versions of “I’m a gun owner, but…” (granted, they may not necessarily be American, but I digress).

    This is sketchy ground. My gut tells me it won’t end on a good note (but that might be the bacon asking for more friends).

  4. I think the odds of somebody who hadn’t already planned to buy one clicking through that link and buying a $5400+ weapon of a type that’s never used to commit violent crimes and then committing a violent crime with it is vanishingly small. And since there’s no real risk of that happening, then there’s really no functional difference between what EA is doing here and the code monkeys who wrote MW3 putting “Remington” on the side of the ACR receiver. Or for that matter, every risky product placement every manufacturer has ever paid for in every movie ever produced.

  5. EA is evil and has nearly singlehandedly assured the destruction of the video game industry. Innovation is crushed and the buy out other companies that do innovate and destroy them.

  6. You realize that this is OLD news, right? Seriously, I heard about this at least as far back as mid-April.

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