Where Being An Arrogant Bastard Hurts You

When the left gets upset at Mayor Mike, even they can’t help but to notice. As I said previously, I think NYPD’s policy of recycling brass casings by selling them to the highest bidder is the right thing to do, but I can’t help but snicker that even the left thinks Mayor Bloomberg might be, well, a bit full of himself.

2 thoughts on “Where Being An Arrogant Bastard Hurts You”

  1. I buy ammo from Georgia Arms regularly. I really hope that some of the brass I have came from the NYPD because it would P.O. MayorDoomburg to know I had it.

  2. Recycling brass is good government.
    What is typical is that he didn’t really know what happened to the brass so he nade up a politically acceptable answer on the spot. too bad it was wrong.
    Does this make him a liar? Yes, but no different than any other politician you know.

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