Interesting Video on the AN-94

I was excited to see a multi-part video over at the Firearm Blog that details field stripping an AN-94 Abakan, because I never saw the inside of one to really understand how it worked. Now that I’ve watched the videos, I’m even more confused as to how it works. I guess it needs some translation from Russian. It’s hard to see how a gun with so many springs, pulleys and cables can be reliable. I also question the accuracy of a firearm where the entire barrel can reciprocate in the stock. It would be interesting to get a hold of on in real life, but unfortunately, a civilian legal AN-94 would be vastly different internally.

2 Responses to “Interesting Video on the AN-94”

  1. Brad says:

    I think the AK-107 is more interesting and more practical than the AN-94.

  2. Sam C says:

    That reliability issue (well, primarily the issue of complexity driving the price up, but reliability is in there too) is why it’s only used in very specialized applications by the MVD.