8 thoughts on “Charging the NRA With Treason”

  1. I’m gonna steal a line from Bill Whittle.

    I’m an NRA member. I demand equal billing in this shit. The NRA isn’t some faceless group, after all. I pay my dues every year.

    I DEMAND that these people start writing shit like this:”I charge the current National Rifle Association lobby and Spade with treason.

    The NRA and Spade have become a threat to the people of Tennessee, betraying — which is at the heart of treason — the best interests and better angels of the people.”

  2. Hey, I went to that movie with a friend, sat in the back row, and was carrying too! Where is my treason card?

  3. Yea, he’s a fool. However, some of the responses do us no favors; they come off just as foolish.

    1. The writers bio is so … precious! I couldn’t have created a purer stereotype from absolute invention.

      ” A graduate of Red Bank High, Cook holds a Master’s Degree in Peace and Justice Studies from Prescott College and an English literature degree from University of Tennessee-Knoxville. For the last twelve years, Cook has been a teacher at the middle, high school and university level. Most days, his students taught him more than he taught them.

      A Marshall Memorial Fellow, Cook has published in magazines (The Sun, Utne Reader, Geez), academic journals and an upcoming anthology on homelessness.”

  4. Charging people with “treason” is getting to be right up there with calling them Hitler in terms of a reasoned argument.

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