14 thoughts on “Quisling Alert: Tactical Firearms of Katy, Texas”

  1. I’ve already ‘shared’ their Facebook page, warning Texans to avoid Tactical like the plague.

    And this guy’s a Class III dealer?

    Quisling, indeed …

  2. This guy needs to learn the story of Jim Zumbo. I’m posting this story elsewhere to help make that happen ;)

  3. I just got done explaining how reluctant I am to jump on the boycott bandwagon, but “All aboard!”

    1. Oh, and I am currently in Houston looking for a range to shoot at, so this is somewhat meaningful. Not like those Starbucks boycotters who say “Starbucks sucks- I never go there anyway.”

  4. Gents,

    I just got an email from Jeremy Alcede in response to a comment I made on his website. In it, he notes that he didn’t think that an online ammo ban would be this much of a deal but the publicity has shown him that he might have miscalculated.

    He also noted that he will be on the same radio station tomorrow morning to clear the air.

    I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

  5. Hey, business is business. Online sales are killing local dealers. What are you doing to support your local guy. He needs that revenue to stay open.
    What will you do if he closes?

    1. Capitalism in action. If he can’t compete in one area, then the focus needs to be shifted. Gunsmithing, firearm sales, accessories, etc. If he can’t figure out how to shift, then he goes away.

      This is the same kind of crap that gave us the ’68 GCA. Businesses trying to use the law to gain an advantage.

  6. Yes, capitalism in action. If he can sway either public opinion or his legislature, he will have prevailed in what has become the American Way.

    Sebastian, I’m concerned about your sense of smell. Maybe it’s what you’re slinging…

  7. Sebastian, you seem to put pejorative labels on people and things. It’s a bad habit, and confuses your thinking.
    Don’t you think that someone could disagree with you and still merit respect?

    1. Absolutely. But you come across as arrogant and condescending to me. You also come across as a troll, and I shall no longer feed you.

  8. Sebastian, like my Mama use to say, if you can’t argue logically, don’t argue at all.

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