Pretty Much Sums up Mitt Romney

It’s just words with no substance.  It won’t make him any new friends, but probably won’t make him any new enemies either.

7 Responses to “Pretty Much Sums up Mitt Romney”

  1. Richard says:

    Can Obama sue for copyright infringement?

    • Harold says:

      Given that he’s not calling for a renewal of the AW ban, no. (He’s got to; the faintest hint of pro-gun control sentiment coming from him this year could easily doom him.)

      However, when you get down to it, like Obama it appears he’d just like the issue to go away.

  2. mike says:

    Hey! Romney forgot to mention that stuff about how he’d love to ban/confiscate guns of “unusual lethality”:

  3. He believes in the safe and responsible ownership and use of firearms and the right to lawfully manufacture and sell firearms and ammunition.

    So he agrees with the repeal of Hughes?!

  4. Sage Thrasher says:

    Two words: brokered convention. It’s the only way to get a varsity player for the general election at this point.

  5. Chas says:

    Guns of “unusual lethality”?

    They kill ya more deader?