Blog Will Be Going Down

We’ve lost power in a major neighborhood calamity. All the pole pigs were showering sparks like it was PECO’s own personal 4th of July. We don’t have all that much battery left on the UPS. I will try to arrange alternate power generation.

UPDATE: We now have a 5500W Portable Generator. Ran it for about an hour before the power came back. Now when we lose power (and I’m home) the blog will remain running, along with my Internet, and probably most importantly, the fridge and air conditioner for my office :)

5 thoughts on “Blog Will Be Going Down”

  1. For around $400 +/- you can have a manual transfer switch and power inlet point installed allowing you to essentially plug your generator into your breaker panel and power anything in your house albeit not everything at once. Just keep the load within the limits of the system and you’ll have no trouble.

    The wife and I bought a generator 2-3 years ago after an ice storm took down some power lines. I had to install the transfer switch after lovely wife informed me that she would DIE if her hair dryer and curling iron would not work at the bathroom receps.

    Naturally, we haven’t needed it since…

    1. Of course not. I bought a 4kW generator two years ago at an auction solely to act as a power loss deterrent. I’ve never tested it – I don’t know if it works or not. But its mere presence has kept power outages at bay.

  2. Keep the fridge running! You can survive anything as long as you have cold beer!

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