Working on My Skee Ball Game

Company outing today to Hersheypark. Just got back. Thanks to Bitter for filling in. I basically tend to hit all the roller coasters I used to like as a kid (that I’m almost too fat for these days) and then spend the rest of the time cooling off in the arcade parked at a Skee Ball machine. I could play Skee Ball all day if I had enough quarters. I liked it as a kid, and still like it today. Spent part of the day with sometimes co-blogger Jason and two of his older kids, while his wife was back home with the baby. Hershey Park has changed a lot since I started going there as a tyke, but it’s nice that you can still take kids on the same rides that you went on when you were their age. The Coal Cracker is still fun after all these years, and The Comet can still shake the fillings out of your teeth, just like it’s been doing since it was built in 1946. When we were kids, we used to use the cable cars called “Sky Ride” that traveled high above the park to go from one side of the park to the other, but they seem to have torn that down in 1992. In the intervening years they’ve added a lot of steel coasters, but I’m still a fan of the complimentary chiropractic treatments the wooden coasters give you. I stick with the classics of wooden coasters and Skee Ball.

5 thoughts on “Working on My Skee Ball Game”

  1. Take the “Factory Tour” ride?
    The one that used to actually go thru the factory but is now a mock-up and video presentation as you ride thru it. Quite informative though.
    AND there’s a Free Sample at the end!

  2. Oh how I love Skee Ball. I’m seriously considering getting one for my house!

    And yeah I went to HP this year for the first time in over 5 years. It was fun. I’m a coaster man myself. I like how they upgraded the Super Dooper Looper and Sidewinder cars. I like both the wooden and steel coasters. Stormrunner is my favorite steel, followed by SDL. My favorite wooden is probably the Wildcat, followed by the Comet.

  3. We love Hershey. Been there too many times in the last 3 or 4 years. I could do the mock factory tour a million more times. I know it by heart.

    But the tour from when I was a kid – through the real factory – was still better.

    Did you ride on the new coaster they have there? Got to get back up. Its great at Christmas. Hershey Lodge is a good (if pricey) place to take Bitter for a romantic getaway.

    1. Heh. He doesn’t take me to such places. I can’t tell you how many sights I still haven’t seen in this area. I’ve decided that once my mom visits again (when she’s finally retired), I’m dragging her out to see the sights instead of waiting on Sebastian.

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