Gizmodo Article on “The Armory”

I have never heard of this apparent erstwhile arms bazar, which makes me highly skeptical of this whole thing. Especially when you ask something like this on any Internet gun forum:

I started asking around via private message—”Do you have what it would take to arm a small paramilitary group? Say, 20 people?” I made it clear that I needed something “more powerful” than what was displayed on the site.

Now that’s immediately going to set off anyone’s gullible 13 year old kid who’s played too much counterstrike (or whatever it is the kids play these days) alarm, and of course prompt the appropriately mocking response:

I can provide: tec9, scorpion, ak47 and one single vietnam war “thumper”, but its ammo costs. Smgs are much less expensive, and satisfy your self protection or combat needs very well: the sound of a easy-to-conceal soviet scorpion can scary the most badass motherfucker will stand in front of you…I’m telling this for you: one single grenade of a thumper costs 50 btcs to me: the GL itself will be around 100, to me. Take your time to choose, there’s no rush: but be sure your purchase is worth :)

Sorry dude, I’d bet a fairly large chunk of change that’s either someone making fun of you, and trying to string you along for entertainment, or hoping to use your own idiocy and naivety to scam you out of some cash. Either that or it’s a fed. Odds are pretty good on either, and the fed probably still thinks you’re stupid and naive enough to make your own case against yourself, without him having to push the boundaries of entrapment. I think what’s even more precious is that the author called the ATF and expected to meet anything other than incompetence and indifference. I guess our Gizmodo writer didn’t know they were too busy helping smuggle guns to Mexico to give a shit about a bunch of nerds playing arms dealer online.

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  1. Actually, I’d expect that this is accurate but don’t assume that the suppliers are in the US. Recall that this is a bitcoin/tor mediated market where you can buy any sort of controlled substance.

    Logging in is believing…


  2. Isn’t that part of the Silk Road? The Silk Road is definitely real – although I am not sure all of the products are.

  3. I wonder if any Nigerians have figured out that people will give them anonymous, untraceable money in exchange for pretending to have weapons for sale.

  4. First, I’d like to suggest that if you can’t keep it to civilized language, then maybe you haven’t thought through what you’re trying to say…

    Second, ridiculing someone’s remark, belief, or facts is not the same as a rebuttal. It’s only the response of a lazy mind.

    Third, whether this is true is likely to become a moot point pretty soon. Before long we will all be able to manufacture a
    replica of almost any weapon. If you wanted to spend roughly (very roughly) $50,000 or so you could do it today.
    CNC lathes and mills, 3D printers, and a set of digital instruction would be all you need.

    It’s going to change the whole argument about gun control.

    I think…

  5. You have to see it to believe it. It well worth the download of the TOR parts needed to connect to the Silk Road

    1. While that is true it should also be mentioned that there are several precautions one should take before getting involved with Tor. This really isn’t the venue for discussing them but it bears mention that it is by no means a “normal” surfing experience.

  6. I covered this in an overview of the gun black market a while back. It’s real – but it looks like a really good hangout for some of Holder’s hoodlums, among others.

    Buying a gun from an undercover site is asking for some really expensive trouble. About the same sort of trouble as buying a $150 M&P .45 on a corner I pass several times a day.

    Personally, life is far too short to buy a gun from an individual I do not know very well.


    1. Since I have a number of searches for the price of a gun on the black market post I mentioned, the title is “How much is a gun worth on the black market,” and the link is here.

      Thanks for the traffic


  7. What J means is, you people easy prey for anything that supports your world view, even if it’s a trap.

  8. My first reaction is to be skeptical. This blogger is assuming all the information he is being provided is correct. It’s could be lies or undercover government agents. Until I see the results of a sting operation I would file this as “not much to see here”.

    I also don’t see how effective this would be. Shipping is very dangerous and this would make someone ripe for the Feds to pick.

    I would think that someone who was even slightly streetwise could find some nice weapons in any major metro area in the country without this risk of getting nabbed on the internet. Though, face to face purchases could be a trap too.

  9. As a ‘gamer’, I have left any site related to Kotaku/Gizmodo or any of the sorts.

    They are generally ignorant, misguided, and judgmental when it comes to their opinion.

    They be a great at getting news in fast, but anyone whos striving to become a person of integrity should know better than to give them views for their garbage.

  10. Wow, epic fail. Here I am talking about integrity and I push submit without reading through my statement more than once.

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