Philly: The Condescension Without the Culture

Philadelphia has played second fiddle to New York since the early republic, and its political leaders following in the shadow of those of the Big Apple, but incompetently, is a long, fine tradition int he City of Brotherly Love. Michael Nutter is doing his level best to continue that tradition. Even when it comes to busybodying and lording over the little people, Philly politicians are still poseurs.

2 Responses to “Philly: The Condescension Without the Culture”

  1. Oranje Mike says:

    Such a shame. Another fine American city run be leftist nutters (no pun intended). Philadelphia is a town in dire need of change yet the folks there make the same mistakes over and over. Just like the country as a whole, I guess.

  2. mobo says:

    Actually, Mike Nutter launched his crusade agains sugary drinks long before Bloomberg. Remember his proposed per-ounce tax a couple of years ago?