What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Venezuela has banned guns for civilians. Rumor has it that dictator Pugsley is near death, and I suppose those who pretend to be successors to his throne, don’t wish any little people interfering with those ambitions.

Remember that this is what our opponents want; a world without the right to have the means for self-defense. Any horrors that happen to the Venezuelan people as a result of this decree is blood on our opponents hands. Don’t let them forget it.

3 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  1. I would say the commies running Venezuela are making preparations for Hugo’s death. Disarm the people now instead of risking riots and revolution when he kicks the bucket. Smart tactical move and a minor coup for Second Amendment advocates. These are the folks that want to ban guns.

    I don’t own a gun. Mostly, I will admit, because if finances but I always say: A government that wants its citizens unarmed is a government that cannot be trusted.

    Not original, by any means, but it’s a fact, Jack.

  2. Admiral Yamamoto was convinced that if the Japanese invaded the United States there would be “a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

    I hate to say that today there isn’t that kind of threat to an invader. I am, however, prone to think there is a handgun through every doorway.

    I pity the Venezuelan people who are being disarmed. This should happen to no free people, anywhere.

  3. It will be interesting to see how well the disarmament campaign goes. Violent crime, to include crime via or with the aid of firearms, has made Venezuela generally a nasty place to be. The inability or disinterest of the national government and local police, and judiciary, to stem the tide only makes self-defense more of an issue. When things are peaceful, disarmament is easier to sell. Not sure this is so, now. The passing of the Dear Leader likely will see factions pushing to get all the remainders of the pizza they can. Sad situation.

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