Once Again, Exploiting Tragedy

Gun Control forces in Washington States are salivating over the chance to get their agenda implemented, in the wake of recent shootings, proposing numerous measures that would have done nothing to stop the tragedy they are exploiting. Tragedy is the currency of their movement. Without it, they’d amount to even less than they already do.

Second Amendment advocates in Washington need to stay mobilized. This is one of those states where the fight isn’t going to end. My own state is similarly situated.

4 thoughts on “Once Again, Exploiting Tragedy”

  1. I’ve read in the paper that his dad knew he had a gun and a permit and also knew he had serious mental health issues and also was becoming increasingly more unstable. It was unstated if he or anyone else mentioned this to the appropriate authorities or if the state had any records of his mental health issues that they failed to send to LE for some reason.

  2. fark . com had a pretty good funny headline for an article in Seattle’s indie paper about the person who threw the chairs at the shooter to interupt the crime:

    “Cops say hero in Seattle cafe shooting saved lives by flinging stools at gunman, was not a monkey”


    From the story…

    “As the customer threw stools at the gunman, other customers were given a scant few moments so they could begin “running out,” Pugel (Asst. Chief)) says. “In that time, two or possibly three people made their escape—he saved lives,” said Pugel. “If he wants to make himself available, he will.” (After the press event, Pugel said that at least four people got out.)

    “Through (sic) it all, another customer hid in the bathroom, calling 911 for help. Officers responded within five minutes.”

    5 minutes…

    The thrower is now known and has a great quote:


    “I just threw the frigging stool at him, legs first,” Adams told police. He lost a brother in the September 11 attacks and had made a personal vow that if the time ever came, he “would never hide under a table.”

    How many chairs did Colin throw at Cho again?

  3. “Second Amendment advocates in Washington need to stay mobilized.

    What are SAF and the other Gottlieb Enterprises doing in their home state?

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