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I just upgraded our WordPress instance and plugins last night. Normally when I do this, I don’t expect anyone to notice, but it looks like there’s been a significant change to the comment editing plugin. One reader is already having an issue, but it always helps to hear from others if they are as well. It would help me track down the problem, if there is one.

6 thoughts on “Plugin Updates”

  1. Well, not so much has an issue as has found some issues and some clear bugs.

    The “ABC checkmark” widget attempts to fix up broken HTML, but when it fails on hyperlinks it can munge or delete the rest of your message.

    Initially the “Your ability to edit this comment will self-destruct in 150 seconds” post-editing feature was gone. It’s now back, but in my Firefox it fails saying it’s loading the posting comment. It never worked in my copy of Chromium; if it does now I’ll add something to the end of this message.

    1. So, I can see the “Click to Edit” button, but when I do so, the “Loading” indicator never appears.

      That may be a network issue on my end.

      Oh, and I had to disable the NoScript block for the “” domain to let the “Click To Edit” button appear. I didn’t even realize I was blocking scripts from your site until this came up.

      Congrats on building a site whose core functionality isn’t wrecked by NoScript on FireFox.

      1. Unless you’re you’ve got anything in comment with me, who has an AT&T plain DSL line using a 2Wire modem/gateway/firewall to a Debian lenny x86_64 box it’s unlikely to be a network problem. I get what sounds like the same result running an old Firefox with the current NoScript.

        Of course, NoScript could be causing the loading problem even though we’ve both whitelisted

  2. Much belated test from a different network.

    Now I’m running FF/NoScript (allowing from home, instead of from the office. My home connection is AT&T, and my home machine is running Gentoo Linux.

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