Memorial Day in New Jersey

From Ian:

“The Memorial Day Parade was led off by a drill team firing blanks, and the empty brass was in demand by the children watching, and I saw the team handing them out.”

This is one particular instance where New Jersey is still a bastion of freedom. When this same thing happened a few years ago in Massachusetts, a school bought the hammer down, and fortunately, law enforcement did not, though they could have, since it’s a felony to do what was done here in New Jersey in Massachusetts.

There are plenty of people still out there who have no respect of concern for the freedom they died protecting.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day in New Jersey”

  1. As long as the kids do not bring the spent brass to school no body will say anything.

  2. There is some light at the end of the tunnel on this one.

    Commonwealth v. Truong, 78 Mass. App. Ct. 28 (Mass. App. Ct. 2010)

    [6] Although we hold that G. L. c. 269, § 10(h), validly criminalizes unlicensed possession of any individual component of a cartridge, including shell casings, we note that we do not reach the question whether, or to what extent, the statute applies to unlicensed possession of shell casings for innocent purposes, such as for souvenirs or for resale as scrap metal.

    See footnote 6. i.e.; a kid innocently in possession of brass is possibly not illegal.

    What I find hilarious is that the law is so absurd here that they are possibly embracing some elements of the categorical approach (something you would not expect here) in order to get around the absurdity of overbreadth on this law.

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