House Passes DOJ Pay Cut

I like the idea, but I’m personally not a fan of collective punishment. I’d make sure that 1 million dollar cut came straight out of the DOJ top brass salaries, the ones who are responsible for not complying with the subpoena.

UPDATE: Looks like it does, indeed, only come out of those pockets. Bravo.

7 thoughts on “House Passes DOJ Pay Cut”

  1. Unfortunately, I doubt Holder derives much of his income from his DoJ salary, but I applaud the action nonetheless.

  2. Why would we pay somebody refusing to comply with a subpena anything? Why aren’t they terminated for cause?

    1. Because, for various hysterical raisins, the executive branch is (somewhat) insulated from political meddling by elected and politically appointed officials.

      Congress can impeach them, but they have to go through the whole show.

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