SPLC Double Standard on Domestic Terrorism

If you’re a huckster like Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, only some kinds of domestic terrorists are worthy of following closely. Others, not so much.

“We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left,” they admit when, after several occupiers were busted in a plot to destroy a bridge, they are confronted with whether they plan to follow the Occupy movement.

A more honest answer would be that the people who bankroll the SPLC are far lefties, and “not really set up to cover the extreme Left,” means they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. But at least you know what SPLC is all about.

10 thoughts on “SPLC Double Standard on Domestic Terrorism”

  1. this is how they think

    “Left” equals “good,” and “Right” equals “bad,” and therefore anything “Left” couldn’t be “bad” unless it were infiltrated by the “Right.”

  2. SPLC, ACLU, SEIU, ADL, UN, NAACP…etc. Have any of them done anything constructive in the last 50 years or are they just older occupiers?

    1. The ACLU occasionally does something constructive, but that’s only because they realize that they have to defend someone they don’t support–otherwise, it would become clear that they are biased.

      I would also add that I suspect they also have some level of principles they try to live up to, even if they are technically a communist organization. So I’m not completely cynical about their motives. (Just mostly cynical. :-)

  3. Markie Marxist sez: “That’s ridiculous! There are no terrorists on the left! They’re just freedom fighters, that’s all! It’s very easy to understand, really. If they’re on the left, and they’re killing people, then they’re freedom fighters, while if they’re on the right, and they’re killing people, then they’re bad, bad terrorist guys. It just comes down to common communist sense, really.”

  4. To be fair, maybe the SPLC realizes that covering violent leftist nutjobs would require such a huge increase in budget and staffing levels that they can’t sustain it.

  5. The SPLC exists to make Morris Dees money, primarily by scaring it’s cash cow donor list (made up largely of Democrat voters) into giving contributions to fight the nebulous “right wing hate group dejour.” 15 years ago it was the scary “militias”, followed by the Minutemen, then the Oathkeepers, and now the TEA party groups.

  6. I think we should take a leaf from the Lefty book, the one that says “No enemies to the Left!” and turn it around, as in “No enemies to the Right!” I’m still registered at the Courthouse as a Libertarian, but I swear I seem to be turning into a throne-and-altar reactionary.

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