New Mexico Reciprocity

I saw this statement from the New Mexico DPS in regards to reciprocity, via NRA, and wondered what this was all about. Apparently it has to do with lawsuits filed against them for refusing to issue permits to permanent residents. I don’t see how changing around reciprocity is going to moot that issue.

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  1. Thanks for teaching me something. I wasn’t aware that “moot” could be used as a verb, but it appears that’s legit. Keep up the good work.

  2. It appears that things have changed again as they get caught up. The statements about reciprocity have changed and they are showing they recognize many states again. For a day there it appeared they didn’t accept anyone’s permits.

    1. Except note how they’re putting the onus on the permit holder to know if his otherwise valid in NM permit isn’t because he doesn’t satisfy their criteria:

      For example, if New Mexico currently has a reciprocity agreement with a particular state that allows individuals under age 21, non-citizens, and/or individuals convicted of violent crimes to obtain a concealed carry permit, then NM DPS will work to adjust the reciprocity agreement to clarify to that state’s permit holders that they can carry a concealed weapon in New Mexico so long as they are a U.S. Citizen, over 21 years of age, and not convicted of disqualifying violent crimes.

      Does anyone else do this? I don’t think so of Missouri, the Deputy for my county who handles this strongly implied that even if you’re under the Missouri minimum age—which used to be a “compromise” of 23, now 21—another locality’s permit would suffice.

      (DO NOT DEPEND on the above 2nd hand statement, it’s not an issue for my family so I haven’t found out for sure.)

  3. Well, I cancelled my plans to vist New Mexico this summer. Until this is all cleared up, I do not want to take the chance of getting arrested because someone misunderstood the state’s reciprocity agreements.

  4. What a cluster and an epic fail for those of us who live in NM. And another example of a problem that should be fixed with national reciprocity.

  5. A couple of things. First, while NM has decided to reinstate reciprocity with 14 states, it put their mutual reciprocity agreements at risk and some states have already cancelled reciprocity with NM. Thus, NM residents will have to be extra careful if they carry out of state.

    Second, restricting CCW permits to US citizens only is on very shaky legal ground. Various US District Courts in Kentucky, South Dakota, Massachusetts, and Nebraska have found that permanent legal residents cannot have their Second Amendment rights abridged based upon their alienage. Discriminating based upon alienage is suspect and is subject to strict scrutiny.

  6. John is right, it appears Ohio, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida no longer recognize NM Permits (according to their websites). I was unable to confirm Colorado or Nebraska.

    Either way, its a total cluster.

    1. You must be mistaken about North Carolina. Since Dec. 2011 we have had universal recognition of another state’s CCW.

      NC was not one of the states that were dropped by NM.

      1. I think the list must have been states that recognize NC permits, and NM wasnt on it.

  7. This strikes me as odd: “…if New Mexico currently has a reciprocity agreement with a particular state that allows individuals…convicted of violent crimes to obtain a concealed carry permit…” What states are those?!?

    I’m surprised this has become an issue in NM, since in my experience a huge percentage of New Mexicans carry guns in their cars and on their person and few bother about CCWs in the first place.

    1. A large number of people carried in their cars because it was legal to do so when we had no concealed carry option. Talkng to some CCW instructors here in NM, their classes fill up almost every week, and most are new applicants, not re-quals.

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