New Face of Gun Owners

The Tampa Bay Times ran an op-ed yesterday, speaking of the explosion of CWL holders in the State of Florida:

They may not have those exact numbers at their fingertips at the Wyoming Antelope Club in Clearwater, but they are well aware of the trends. Seats for their $50 concealed weapons permit class (CWP) are often filled more than a month in advance.

And you may be interested to see who is sitting in those seats.

Men, yes. But almost half of the class in April was female. Hunters and gun enthusiasts, yes. But there were a fair number of people who had never before fired a gun.

This is not going to be welcome news for our opponents, but it is welcome news for us. I like hearing more women carrying. Women are far more likely to carry for the right reasons, and to take their responsibility and training more seriously.

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  1. “Women are far more likely to carry for the right reasons, and to take their responsibility and training more seriously.”

    Really? I’m not sure if you’re right or wrong on this, but I’d love to hear why you think that. The women i know, on average, are no more or less responsible than the men that I know.

    Of course, that’s not really the point-the point is we’re winning.

    1. It’s mostly anecdotal, but I think all of us have met guys who carry who don’t take it seriously. They don’t seek training or advice, they don’t compete, don’t practice enough, and sometimes have atrocious gun handling skills. Most women I’ve met who carry either take it seriously, or don’t carry (even if they have a license). I’m sure in the millions of people who carry there are women out there who fit the description above, but in my experience, at least, women more readily seek training and advice, and are more likely to practice if they are carrying regularly.

      1. Sebastion,

        I agree 100% with your assessment. Women are far better gun students. They actually listen and learn while being taught. Free from male ego, they are willing to admit that firearms expertise is not coded within human DNA.
        A certain percentage of males seem to think that they are experts before ever firing their first shot. It’s a guy thing from birth. (or so they think)
        Several years ago, I took my sister out for her first shoot. She was 52 at the time and I ran through all of the basics with her before I handed her my little Ruger MkII pistol. I’d like to claim that I was having an off day, but the truth is that she easily outshot me on her first attempt.
        I praised her efforts, but fearing further humiliation, I never handed her my .45.

      2. Agree. I am not a certified instructor of any flavor but as a veteran, gunnie and owner of a small private range I get my share of newbie shooters.

        Men like the guns and want to try every gun I own. It’s all metal and gears, powder, power and bang. They go as far back as they can to see if they can ding steel with a 3″ 380 ACP from 25 yards (they cannot). They try double-taps and rapid fire (once I let them). Shotguns are a blast.

        Women want to try every pistol I own, especially the small carrying variety and “something that will work at home.” They are intent on the process and want to understand everything about shooting it. They don’t look for rapid fire or power; they want precise control and handling. They generally step back about as far as the largest room in their house and are more willing to let me start them at 1 yard from paper and slowly back up. Given the choice between a .410 shotgun and a Glock 19, they go Glock every time. The Sig P238 is perfect for more than half of them.

        Maryland is not a practical Shall-Issue state but some of these folks live in Virginia. And others know they are likely to get their permits soon.

  2. My mother was in a class last week in Florida. She is from New York and snowbirds in FL. More than half her class were women young and old. She is joining a shooting club run our of her little community group she stays in.

    Never thought I’d be buying my mom her own Sig…

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