Not the Traditional Turkey Call

It’s not quite a case of smokin’ in the boys room, but this guy hanging out in a blind probably should haven’t been quite so public with his activities.

When Connecticut Conservation Police detected the telltale aroma of marijuana coming from a popup blind located on public land during yesterday’s turkey-hunt opener, they peeked inside and saw Raymond Lass, 22, of Bristol, with a doobie between his lips instead of diaphram call under his tongue.

6 thoughts on “Not the Traditional Turkey Call”

  1. Yeah, what is the problem with a person getting high when their other intended activity is pointing a firearm out of a blind and pulling the trigger? It should work about as well as gunning for the birds when you’ve finished your fifth of Jack Daniels.

    Oh,wait, maybe there is a problem with getting high on a turkey hunt. Because it is exactly as stupid as drinking during a hunt.

    1. Because it is exactly as stupid as drinking during a hunt.

      Alcohol is a conscience diminishing drug. Cannabis varies depending on the type of cannabis and it’s ratio of cannabinoids, the user’s tolerance and experience and other factors such as a person’s fatigue/energy levels and the dose used, but in many cases it is actually a conscience expanding drug.

      The first time I went hunting the guy I went with smoked weed constantly. I never had any concern at all that he would be incapacitated. I’ve met many other folks I would not trust sober with a firearm. To each their own.

  2. Actually, he would have probably fallen asleep or headed out to find munchies and let the old Tom live for another day.

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