Happy Turkey Day

SayUncle is in favor of presidential strangling of turkeys with bare hands and taking a bite from it’s head. I couldn’t agree more, and I would add “Mmm…. tastes like…. Ahmadinejad.” would be good for a follow up.

While we’re on the subject of turkey, and because this is a gun blog, here’s an interesting article about Turkey’s troubles with their G3 service rifle. They are pondering replacements, like the Kalashnikov. Most of our other NATO allies use 5.56x45MM NATO. I can see why the Turks may not want to adopt this varmint killing round, when the 7.63x51mm NATO round they use now can kill much larger prey. But I would suggest they adopt the 6.8 SPC, then sell me a lot of surplus ammo for cheap.

I suppose I should say what I’m thankful for like Ahab did, but I think he pretty much already covered the basics. The only addition I would make is that I’m thankful Pennsylvania gun owners got their game on and send Fast Eddie slinking back to the governor’s mansion without his prize. He will be back, and so will we.

7 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day”

  1. That article on the G3 rifle is full of shit.

    “These weapons, designed in 1959, are known to be the most frequently jamming among commonly used rifles.”

    – Jam more than M16/M4s? LOL.

    “Despite the advantages of a 200-meter maximum effective range”

    – What 7.62 NATO weapon only has a 200 meter range?

    “In the 1950s the US army stopped using G3 rifles”

    – The US army never used the G3!

    “In counterterrorism, light rifles such as the US army’s M-16 are preferable.”

    – LOL. I nearly fell off my chair.

  2. I don’t have much experience with the G3 to know about the jamming, but yeah… I don’t know where they got their information.

  3. I think the problem with this story is that it was written someone with very little firearms knowledge and then translated into “engrish”

    “Low firing power due to its fixed piston” G3s don’t have a piston, they are a delayed blowback design

    But there are no complaints about the HK-23 (no, not the .45 handgun ) But here’s funny part, the HK23 is just a beltfed G3 with a quick change barrel. LOL

  4. Well, we could have a companion article about how much the XM-8 (or whatever they’re calling it now) sucks.

  5. Timmeeee covered the problems with this report nicely. I’d just like to add G3s have a reputation as being among the world’s most reliable guns, comparable to the AK not the M16. And that my PTR-91s (American-made G3 copies) have never jammed or misfired including during the break-in period, when fired with unusually light or heavy ammo, and the time I fired them with the chamber flutes clogged with oil. I also never had a problem with barrel expansion after 200 rounds or so, but it did get hard to hold because of the barrel heat.

    Could be Turkey’s old rifles have the rollers out of spec; as they wear you need to change the rollers for larger ones.

  6. Well, the G3 is probably at least heavier than the alternatives…

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