Joe Grace Needs a Job

He’s been showing up to protests, and doing a lot of independent work in the gun rights violence prevention movement. He must be looking to get hired by someone. But by who? CSGV is going to be lucky to meet payroll for the employees they already have. Brady is similarly headed into the abyss, and besides, they just hired Dan Gross who will turn things around by turning on the crazy. CeaseFirePA? That’s Max’s show now. That only leaves Bloomberg, and what does Joe Grace have to offer to Bloomberg?

Grace was Communications Director for the City of Philadelphia under Mayor Street, and then went to work for CeaseFire Pennsylvania. After that he unsuccessfully ran for Philadelphia City Council. If anyone knows of a good senior political communications job in Dem-Progressive politics, let us know in the comments. It’s very important for us to help out-of-work anti-gunners ¬†(or even in-work anti-gunners, who are just looking for a career change)¬†find work in other fields. We really do care!

2 Responses to “Joe Grace Needs a Job”

  1. Bitter says:

    He’s advertising for the petition he’s running against Stand Your Ground on Facebook. When I first saw it was him, I assumed he was looking to show his relevancy and usefulness for some anti-gun group. Even if that doesn’t work out, he’ll now have an email list of 200,000+ people he can fundraise off of to start a new group.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    I thought he might get picked up by the Nutter administration to officially work as the liaison between Nutter and Bloomberg.
    I sure do miss going up against him in town meetings. We beat him in Radnor, Swarthmore and many other small towns. He is a very well spoken but definitely wrong headed.

    I’m sure he can get some work as a lawyer, maybe from Occupy Philly.