Feinstein Places Hold on National Reciprocity

This was entirely expected, for one of the anti-gun Senators to put a hold on the reciprocity bills. It was always going to take 60 votes to get this passed, as it did last time it was up. Do we have sixty votes? Hard to say. Last time it failed by two, if I recall, but Schumer had some more votes in his pocket if he had needed them. It should be noted that this hold is on both S.2188, which is the bipartisan bill, and S.2213, which is only being sponsored by Republicans. I still stand by my prediction that without both parties coming together around one bill, that this won’t happen.

Worth noting that Senator Pat Toomey has signed on as a co-sponsor to S.2213, but that Senator Bob Casey Jr. has not signed on to either, despite claims of being pro-gun. Also worth noting that Senator Casey allegedly had a deal cut with Schumer to vote no on the bill if needed.

6 thoughts on “Feinstein Places Hold on National Reciprocity”

  1. The Senate couldn’t vote to use a fire hose if their chamber was burning with them still in it.

    Nothing is moving until January. This is all red/blue meat to make moves that the voters think matter. Once we got past September of last year without a vote, this all became politics. Hence the two versions.

    Best thing that could happen is that Media Matters/Dems make a big deal of guns this election, and then get the smackdown. That would have us coming into January with a strong energy – enough to surmount the tendency of the Senate to talk big but do nothing.

    The pols got a message post-Clinton AWB but think they can dodge the harm by just doing nothing. We need to make “doing nothing” the new gun control.

  2. If you read Feinstein’s letter, it borders on is delusional. She contends that someone convicted of DV could get a permit and then chase his significant other into her state, i.e. CA, and kill her legally. Isn’t someone convicted of DV already prohibited from even touching a firearm? I didn’t know a carry permit negated federal prohibited person status… [/sarcasm]

  3. “The Senate couldn’t vote to use a fire hose if their chamber were burning, with them still in it.”

    In that scenario, I would call that a feature, not a bug!

  4. Actually, that should be “.357mag in her purse”, it was a .38 that she handed into the SFPD for that stunt she pulled. The one where it turned out it wasn’t hers, it already belonged to the cops.

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