Keeping Up Her End of the Crazy

Even Sarah Brady, who gets the inside-the-beltway culture as much as the next person, is becoming unhinged lately. Check out this retweet from her:

Sarah Brady Cocopuffs One

Not content just to beat up on NRA, she has some interesting observations on Governor McDonnell of Virginia:

Sarah Brady Cocopuffs Two

I said the same thing about a girl named Cindy in the first grade. But apparently Governor McDonnell isn’t the only one:

Sarah Brady Cocopuffs Three

And what did she have to say about Rick Santorum’s announcement that he bought his sick little girl an NRA life membership?

Sarah Brady Cocopuffs Four

I just want to thank Mrs. Brady for helping contribute to firing our people up this November. There’s always a risk that people forget guns are an issue when they are more worried about economic and fiscal issues. But lately the media and our opponents have been doing a bang up job of reminding NRA members that they are still hated and reviled, and nothing motivates our folks out to the polls more than that. If Sarah Brady has a hard time believing that:

Sarah Brady Hearts Mike Castle

You didn’t get to vote for him because NRA became deeply involved in the coalition to deliver Mike Castle’s political head on a shiny silver platter that primary*, and we succeeded. Next target is Dick Lugar of Indiana this May 8th. Will we succeed? That’s going to depend largely on members turning out. But I do appreciate the help from our opponents.

* Those on the left should take note that I said political head. I spelled it out for you so that you do not mindlessly think we beheaded the former Congressman. I can assure you that the Congressman is alive and doing well, just in case you were worried.

17 thoughts on “Keeping Up Her End of the Crazy”

  1. Vaginalistic?

    I had to think a long while before I realized she was calling the Governor of Virginia a “pussy”. I think.

    And he has “cooties”, too.

    They are regressing…

    1. Yeah. It took me a second to process ‘vaginalisitc’, it’s so ridiculous.

      On top of the irrational hate towards gun owners, juvenile expressions and her continuous childlike need to be protected from the real world by government big daddy; I’m sensing a lot of self hatred coming from Ms. Brady.

      I do hope she keeps on tweeting. ;)

  2. On the one hand, I just heard news on the radio that Zimmerman’s judge is recusing herself, so I came here to get the latest on that–and for once, I was disappointed. I’ll have to wait a bit for Sebastian to catch up. (I don’t have any details because I haven’t looked them up yet; I personally don’t have time to look at the “authoritative and trustworthy” news sites. Besides, I’d rather wait until I see Sebastian’s version, after he “mangles” the story by inserting truth.)

    On the other hand, it cheered me a bit to see yet more evidence that the Gun Banning culture is imploding! :-)

  3. Not for nothing, but are you sure that Twitter account is the real Sarah Brady? The handle is “Bradytwitt”, for God’s sake.

    1. Yes, it is. It was confirmed a while ago. Trust me, no one actually thought she’d be so out of touch to call herself a twit.

      1. I’m in complete disbelief… I would never have thought that she has become that unhinged. I guess I do still have faith in humanity, or at least I did until I learned that that really is Sarah Brady.

  4. Sorry Ken, not going to let it go that far. Plus, I’m going to have to spend all afternoon scrubbing that particular mental image out of my head.

  5. If it is Ms. Brady, she sure didn’t learn anything from Anthony Weiner’s example…

  6. COOTIES? She really said that?
    I haven’t spoken a phrase like that since, I think, 3rd grade?

    WHoo Boy! She’s got a few loose screws that’s for sure. Probably why most of the Anti’s are against gun ownership though, they must think everyone else is as crazy as they are!

    1. It’s called “projection” – the concept that everyone else is going to think/act/react the same as you to a given stimulus.

      It used to be the heavy anti-gunners would all say that they don’t think people should have guns, because they themselves would resort to using it to settle minor trifles. Once it became clear that not everyone felt the same as them, they stopped saying that. All at once.

      But it is still out there.

      We got crazies, too (Nugent, ahem). Ours just get the headlines.

  7. How is cooties not a racist dog whistle?
    If anyone one the Right wrote that, reporters would hear the silent “n” in place of the “ti” and go crazy. it would be primetime on CNN.

  8. I guess she’s none too proud of her own inherent vaginalism…perhaps it’s withered away. Is “cooties” a code-word for GYNECOLOGICAL RACISM!!?
    One wonders with these weirdos…

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