Our Founding Fathers on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Philip Mulivor e-mailed to discuss his new book, Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said About the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The author notes:

The premise of Proclaiming Liberty is simple — the Web is littered with false or inaccurate quotations about the right to arms, and I felt the time had come to take out the trash. I vetted more than 130 key quotes—including nearly all the famous firearms-related remarks attributed to our Founders—by checking them word-for-word against original books and documents. Many of those books and manuscripts predate the Declaration of Independence.

The book debunks several phony quotes and sets the record straight on dozens of others. I included reproductions of title pages from centuries-old books used in my research. To many readers, though, the real value of the book is contained in the detailed citations for each quote (all are in MLA format for the benefit of students).

This sounds pretty interesting to me, since we’ve all seen a lot of quotes out there falsely attributed to certain Founders. It’s great, I think, to have an authoritative source. This is definitely a must have if you’re going to participate in Internet gun discussions. If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s when someone is wrong on the Internets.

5 thoughts on “Our Founding Fathers on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms”

  1. SOLD! $3.95 for the Kindle version. Kindle reader programs are available for pretty much every platform, you don’t have much excuse for not picking this up.

  2. That sounds great. I do believe I will get my own copy. Once you know one of those quotes is fake, you begin to see it everywhere you look. It’s enough to give you fits.

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