The Attorney General on “Brainwashing” People Against Guns

Eric Holder from 1995:

11 Responses to “The Attorney General on “Brainwashing” People Against Guns”

  1. ddbaxte says:

    17 years later…how’s that working out?

  2. j t bolt says:

    He was right, and we HAVE changed the way people think about guns. The culture is now much different than it was in 1995. It just worked out the opposite of what he hoped for.

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    We did pretty much the opposite by constantly talking about positive use of guns, and need for armed citizen self defense.

    Not to mention challenging the lies that are the cornerstone of the anti-rights lobby.

    Worked really well, and we’re still going

  4. Divemedic says:

    The difference between guns and cigarettes is the facts. The facts are what they are: Used as directed, cigarettes are bad, guns are not.

  5. Countertop says:

    Holders a piece of shit. But I don’t think what he actually says is anywhere near as surprising (or insidious) as some of the comments I’ve seen online suggest.

  6. Tim Dugan says:

    Holder is absolutely right, we need to change the way young men feel about guns. And it needs to start through education and experience. My boys learned at a young age how to safely handle and respect weapons through me and through the Boy Scouts of America. They began with BB guns, graduated to .22 rifles, qualified on trap and skeet, and now we shoot IDPA together. Overall it has been a great time spent together, and the net result is that they have a clear understanding of the role guns play in personal protection, hunting, and sport. If we could provide these same opportunities for more young people, we could drastically reduce the misuse of guns.
    I’d love to take Holder to the range. He’d have a blast!

  7. Brad says:

    Interesting video from 1995. Those sure were The Bad Old Days. That video content fits right in with the supposed HCI five year plan for gun control dated December 1993.

  8. Brad says:

    Note too the source of the video clip, CSPAN.

    Back in the bad old days of 1995, CSPAN was one of the few sources of honest news back then. The only way a citizen back then had any hope of finding out the undiluted truth, as opposed to the ‘news product’ the News Media filtered out to the public.

    We live in a much better information environment today. Thank God!

  9. What’s the number of the hotline to call about straw purchased guns being smuggled into Mexico?

  10. BornLib says:

    He was right about one thing: kids did watch “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

    Had to laugh at the idea that Jesse Jackson and Mayor Barry were “people who had credibility with young people.”

  11. lumpy says:

    Influencing Kid’s , media saturation , so how much legislation and restrictions is the Atty general still pursuing on violence and video games? That’s probably got more impact on today’s youth on a daily basis.


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