PETA: Caring More About Animals Than Hungry Africans

Apparently they are whining about Donald Trump’s son going on Safari. It makes you wonder what PETA would have done if they were around in Teddy Roosevelt’s time. Teddy probably killed a big animal on every continent. Either way, I know some folks who go on Safari, and the meat is used. The animal gets butchered, the nearby villages get meat, and the hunter gets a trophy. The local economy also get money, which helps support a market for the animals, which helps support their conservation. But PETA won’t let pesky facts get in the way!

4 thoughts on “PETA: Caring More About Animals Than Hungry Africans”

  1. Also the hunters pay crazy money per animal hunted. That massive amount of cash goes a LONG way in that part of the world.

    But of course any form of sustainable hunting isn’t their interest any more than the Gun Control crowd is interested in letting us keep our guns.

  2. First, my overall impression of Trumps family just went way up.

    Second, it would be nice if Reporters looked at the health of the elephant herd in Kenya – where hunting of anything is pretty much banned and US style activists love to set up sanctuaries, versus the health of herds in those countries that allow hunting (and are dependent to some extent on the big $$$s hunters pay – $50k for an elephant, etc).

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