You see less of this from the media these days, but it’s still happening sometimes:

Better gun laws are not the only solution, but they are a big part of the answer. The sooner Americans understand that a nation where almost anyone can get his hands on a Soviet assault rifle is a nation where no one is safe, the better our chances of fixing the problem will be.

What evidence do they have that more gun laws are a big part of the answer? They don’t have any evidence. It just feels right to them, so it must be so. Pretty clearly the editorial board of the Toledo Blade that “almost anyone” can’t, in fact, get access to a Soviet era assault rifle. Those have been banned from importation since 1968.

3 thoughts on “Evidence?”

  1. “Anyone” can get their hands on a Soviet (designed) assault rifle, if they can pass an FBI background check, get a CLEO sign-off, a $200 tax stamp, and something like $10,000+ for the gun.

    And they live in a state where you can own one.

    Sure, it’ll take like six months and enough money to buy a cheap new car, but “anyone” can do it!

  2. I think they mean Mosin Nagants. It’s clearly a soviet rifle, and it was used in lots of assaults, and it costs $99.00. Anyone can get one. :0)

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