Tomorrow is Starbucks Appreciation Day

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Starbucks Appreciation Day. So far we’re up to about 18,500 people who are confirmed to spend a little money at Starbucks tomorrow. It would be really nice to get that number to tip 20,000. If everyone spends just 10 bucks for coffee, and a pastry or two, that’s a noticeable uptick in daily sales. Meanwhile, our opponents have hidden their number from public view, because at last count it was utterly embarrassing for them.

9 Responses to “Tomorrow is Starbucks Appreciation Day”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    Having no Facebook does not allow me to join the number, but I will be there!
    I will be stopping by 4 of them tomorrow, and dropping 4-2 dollar bills in the tip jar. I will buy 8 ounces of coffee at one, a Grande at another, danish at one and might hang out and work at one for an hour or two while I enjoy the scenery.
    Edgemont to Newtown Square to Broomall to Havertown all on Rt 3, West Chester Pike.
    Have a caffeinated day!!!

  2. PT says:

    $40,000 in tips would be a great way to get noticed.

  3. Alpheus says:

    We don’t drink coffee, so tomorrow my wife and I will be going there to see if they have any hot chocolate. I have a Starbucks gift card in my wallet that’s been sitting there for several years, that I’ll likely be using. While I don’t know if it will add to the total “Income” that day, at the very least, I’ll certainy add a couple of $2 bills to the tip jar.

    I’m also avoiding Facebook, though, so I won’t be incrementing the FaceBook page. (At the very least, I’m one of those who don’t go to Starbuck’s, so I can actually make a difference in Starbucks Appreciation!)

  4. Richard Jensen says:

    I have an hour long commute to work in Dallas. I stopped at my first Starbucks today and got an Americano to enjoy on the drive and stopped at my second Starbucks a few miles from work and got a non-fat latte. At both places I put a $2 bill in the tip jar with a note attached:

    2nd Amendment Supporter supporting Starbucks
    Starbucks BUYCOTT

    (The note is paperclipped to the folded $2 bill).

    If they get other $2 bills today in those locations they may know why.

  5. Dannytheman says:

    Make sure if your truck or car looks like mine that it is parked appropriately to the front of the store. Even if you have to wait a moment or 2.

  6. ChrisJ says:

    I don’t do Facebook either but I did my part: Grande Caffe Mocha.

  7. Sam says:

    Bought Starbucks for the guys at work this morning and getting coffee and hot chocolate for my Wife and daughters this afternoon.


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