Tomorrow is Starbucks Appreciation Day

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Starbucks Appreciation Day. So far we’re up to about 18,500 people who are confirmed to spend a little money at Starbucks tomorrow. It would be really nice to get that number to tip 20,000. If everyone spends just 10 bucks for coffee, and a pastry or two, that’s a noticeable uptick in daily sales. Meanwhile, our opponents have hidden their number from public view, because at last count it was utterly embarrassing for them.

10 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Starbucks Appreciation Day”

  1. Having no Facebook does not allow me to join the number, but I will be there!
    I will be stopping by 4 of them tomorrow, and dropping 4-2 dollar bills in the tip jar. I will buy 8 ounces of coffee at one, a Grande at another, danish at one and might hang out and work at one for an hour or two while I enjoy the scenery.
    Edgemont to Newtown Square to Broomall to Havertown all on Rt 3, West Chester Pike.
    Have a caffeinated day!!!

  2. We don’t drink coffee, so tomorrow my wife and I will be going there to see if they have any hot chocolate. I have a Starbucks gift card in my wallet that’s been sitting there for several years, that I’ll likely be using. While I don’t know if it will add to the total “Income” that day, at the very least, I’ll certainy add a couple of $2 bills to the tip jar.

    I’m also avoiding Facebook, though, so I won’t be incrementing the FaceBook page. (At the very least, I’m one of those who don’t go to Starbuck’s, so I can actually make a difference in Starbucks Appreciation!)

  3. I have an hour long commute to work in Dallas. I stopped at my first Starbucks today and got an Americano to enjoy on the drive and stopped at my second Starbucks a few miles from work and got a non-fat latte. At both places I put a $2 bill in the tip jar with a note attached:

    2nd Amendment Supporter supporting Starbucks
    Starbucks BUYCOTT

    (The note is paperclipped to the folded $2 bill).

    If they get other $2 bills today in those locations they may know why.

  4. Bought Starbucks for the guys at work this morning and getting coffee and hot chocolate for my Wife and daughters this afternoon.

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