A Bullpup .50BMG?

This looks like a quite interesting idea, to make a Bullpup .50BMG semi-auto, but I’m skeptical for a few reasons.

  1. Weight is a counter to recoil. 50s are generally heavy, but that also significantly reduces perceived recoil. These are lighter. How hard do they thump shooting offhand?
  2. Do I really want to weld my cheek centimeters away from that much explosive power? All guns models made have kabooms every once in a while. I’d hate to be the unlucky shooter who experiences that.
  3. I’m not sure what situation I’d need to employ that kind of firepower offhand or kneeling, and it’s certainly not something I’d want to shoot competitively with. If I wanted to do long range marksmanship in the .50BMG class, I think there are probably alternatives I’d prefer.

What do you think? The big advantage I can think of, offhand, is this might be a .50BMG that will actually fit in my safe. But my impression of this is that it mostly looks like a neat toy.

8 thoughts on “A Bullpup .50BMG?”

  1. I’ve shot a bolt action 50, but it weighed something like 30 pounds. It basically kicked like a 12 ga pump shooting magnum slugs or buckshot. Being lighter but Semi Auto might balance each other out, depends on how well the muzzle brake works.

    BTW, NEVER shoot a 50 that doesn’t have a brake on it……..

      1. That’s usually firmly attached to something much stronger than my shoulder! :-)

  2. Barret has made a bullpup .50 for some time now. I think the exploding close to your face thing is a non-issue with that sort of power, no matter what, its happening near your head.

  3. Didn’t Oleg post some photos of one of those a while back?

    I can’t imagine its intended for offhand use so much as it is a lighter smaller option for sniper teams deploying on foot “behind enemy lines” and such. I’m curious if it can match the long range precision of its non-bullpup competitors. Other than that, I can’t see a situation where this would be preferable to having an M2 around.

  4. The Gepard Lynx fires the even more powerful Russian 12.7x108mm round in a bullpup package and they have videos of a guy shoulder firing the thing. It uses a recoiling barrel which should help minimize felt recoil but I’d think it’s still a beast to shoot!


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