NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Needs Your Help

I am currently running an ad for the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, which you will notice right under my normal ads on the right side bar. We heard they were a bit short on funds during the NRA Board Meeting, so I offered to run an ad for them for free until Annual Meeting. Unlike my other ads, I can encourage you to click on that one to make a donation to CRDF. The work CRDF does is unbelievably important right now. Not all of it is legal trial work. Much of their work is academic in nature, and CRDF has been instrumental in building the scholarship on the Second Amendment, and turning academics around into recognizing the nature of the right as individual. I encourage everyone to give as much as you can. Any donation is targeted, and does not go into NRA’s general fund. It will go directly to support building good case law, and funding the research necessary to lay the groundwork for the next big case.

5 thoughts on “NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Needs Your Help”

  1. I want to second Sebastian’s pimping of the CRDF. They are helping us out with some funds in MA with something to be announced soon. The funds were instrumental in getting this off the ground. I was at the meeting in Jan and Dave Hardy was there giving a report out on what he has been up to and it is really important work. He is providing a good deal of scholarly knowledge on 2A issues out there into the world for orgs like mine (comm2a in MA) to work with.

  2. CRDF’s work is critical and all who are serious about restoring the 2nd Amendment to its proper place in history should be supporting them.


  3. I’ll second that! The NRA CRDF has been supporting the scholarly research of the likes of Steve Halbrook, Don Kates, Dave Hardy, Dave Kopel, Clayton Cramer, and others. And it’s been doing that since it began in 1978.

    An example was the Next Generation Scholars Seminar that happened a month ago. The seminar brought together many cream-of-the-crop junior scholars likely to write law review articles, along with senior scholars and academics, and the federal judge who wrote the opinion that was upheld in Heller.

    You want a short course on the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms? Check out what happened at the CRDF Scholars Seminar a month ago:

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