Honoring Ugo Beretta

Scott Bach was kind enough to offer us an invite to the President’s Reception, where one of the persons being honored by the National Rifle Association was Ugo Beretta.  A lot of folks know about the record of companies like Remington, and Barrett in support of the Second Amendment.  Not many know that the Beretta family has donated two million dollars to NRA programs, with his family’s latest gift of a million dollars being split evenly between NRA-ILA and the Civil Rights Defense Fund.  NRA’s Civil Rights Defense Fund is going to be critically important in shaping our court strategy so that Heller will only be the beginning, rather than the end.  CRDF is chronically underfunded.  This donation by the Beretta family will have a huge impact on the fight going forward.  For those of you who like to patronize firearms companies that support the Second Amendment, you won’t go wrong with Beretta.

3 thoughts on “Honoring Ugo Beretta”

  1. Beretta also has the distinction of being one of the oldest corporations still in existence, having been around (and in the same family!) since 1526.

  2. Beretta is clearly worthy of our support.

    I was 80 percent sure I wanted to buy a bobcat for my silencer project. Now I am 100 percent sure.

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