FiOS Trouble

We’re experiencing some pretty serious issues with our FiOS connection. Upload speeds are fine, at 25Mbps, as they are supposed to be, but download speeds are at a crawl… 200Kbps, on average. That’s worse than DSL speed. Blog readers might not notice it too badly, since upload is fine. But I sure notice it. Video is completely non-functional for me. What’s worse for me is that I work from home, so a slow connection could be a pain. Fortunately, I have everything I need to work here, so it should impact my work minimally.

Verizon are sending a tech out tomorrow afternoon to look at it. We might be experiencing some downtime tomorrow, depending on what they find. This is the first time I’ve had a serious problem with FiOS in 6 years of being a subscriber, to the point where they’ve had to send a telecom guy out onsite to diagnose a problem.

7 Responses to “FiOS Trouble”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    Update me on what happens..

    • Sebastian says:

      I just opened up the junction box outside, where the fiber terminates and the CAT5 begins, because I wanted to try to plug in to the CAT5 out there just to rule out a problem in here. I notice the box has some serious water intrusion, so I think that box is likely done. I’m surprised it didn’t break sooner. Looks like an insect worked its way into the seal at some point and ruined it.

    • Sebastian says:

      So I’m guessing replacing that box will be the first thing on the agenda. It was still slow plugged directly into it.

      • Dannytheman says:

        Sometimes, depending upon access, they put all that in the basement. Keeps out out of the weather.

        • Bitter says:

          It doesn’t appear to have been the box. We had an outage for a while, and then it suddenly came back in full force without anyone visiting the property.

        • Sebastian says:

          I’m not calling the all clear yet, until I hear from Verizon. If they do still come out (It’s a 1-5 window) I may have them replace the box. Eventually that’s going to fail from water intrusion, I think.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    Sounds like they rebooted and sent down a new boot file. All this stuff can be monitored by someone with “eyes on glass” for issues. Might have been a conversion issue, or they had a fiber cut and the redundancy path was bad. Most likely they will call to confirm the speed is back and ditch rolling a truck. It’s all about reducing truck rolls.$$$$$