FiOS Trouble

We’re experiencing some pretty serious issues with our FiOS connection. Upload speeds are fine, at 25Mbps, as they are supposed to be, but download speeds are at a crawl… 200Kbps, on average. That’s worse than DSL speed. Blog readers might not notice it too badly, since upload is fine. But I sure notice it. Video is completely non-functional for me. What’s worse for me is that I work from home, so a slow connection could be a pain. Fortunately, I have everything I need to work here, so it should impact my work minimally.

Verizon are sending a tech out tomorrow afternoon to look at it. We might be experiencing some downtime tomorrow, depending on what they find. This is the first time I’ve had a serious problem with FiOS in 6 years of being a subscriber, to the point where they’ve had to send a telecom guy out onsite to diagnose a problem.

7 thoughts on “FiOS Trouble”

    1. I just opened up the junction box outside, where the fiber terminates and the CAT5 begins, because I wanted to try to plug in to the CAT5 out there just to rule out a problem in here. I notice the box has some serious water intrusion, so I think that box is likely done. I’m surprised it didn’t break sooner. Looks like an insect worked its way into the seal at some point and ruined it.

    2. So I’m guessing replacing that box will be the first thing on the agenda. It was still slow plugged directly into it.

        1. It doesn’t appear to have been the box. We had an outage for a while, and then it suddenly came back in full force without anyone visiting the property.

        2. I’m not calling the all clear yet, until I hear from Verizon. If they do still come out (It’s a 1-5 window) I may have them replace the box. Eventually that’s going to fail from water intrusion, I think.

  1. Sounds like they rebooted and sent down a new boot file. All this stuff can be monitored by someone with “eyes on glass” for issues. Might have been a conversion issue, or they had a fiber cut and the redundancy path was bad. Most likely they will call to confirm the speed is back and ditch rolling a truck. It’s all about reducing truck rolls.$$$$$

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