NRA Meeting Expected to Be Record Breaking

The Joplin-Independent notes that the NRA event in St. Louis this year is expected to break records. It’s certainly possible, since the current record holding event was the last time NRA was in St. Louis. It’s good to be heading back there for an election year event. Part of all the hoopla surrounding the NRA Annual Meeting is a flexing of NRA’s grassroots political power, in demonstrating to elected leaders that NRA can get 60 to 70 thousand people to drive or fly hundreds and thousands of miles to attend. Our opponents can’t even get that many people not to go to Starbucks for a day.

One thought on “NRA Meeting Expected to Be Record Breaking”

  1. well poo, i guess the gun-grabbers are right, we are loosing.

    . . . oh wait. . .

    seriously, the antis cant even get the people not going into their *local* starbucks into the quad digits let alone 5, while us pro rights people can get the number of people *flying cross country* well into the 5 digit range, and the number of people wishing they could afford go probably well up into the 6 digit courting 7 range. I wonder what the number for those wishing they could stay out of starbucks for a day is?

    I really wish stupid would just get the message. . .

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