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From Vuurwapen Blog:

There was a kernel of truth inside the rotten fruit of [Helinski’s] statements, but the poor expression of his opinion has clouded the issue. In fact, he’s prevented a serious discussion of whether or not Media Day had too many attendees, choosing to focus attention on himself and his own “achievements” instead.

That was pretty much what I thought too. The idea of how to credential bloggers appropriately for an event like SHOT is completely legit. Helinski’s problem is that conversation didn’t need to be about him, but it sure did become that, and not in a good way.

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  1. There was also a brutal dose of irony of an internet nobody declaring himself fit to judge who’s relevant and who’s not in the industry.

    He did have some good points, but most of it was just a tantrum.

  2. I’m of the opinion that it makes sense to do some readership statistics.

    Most published forms of media already have this. And there are tools to gauge this for new media.

    All bloggers and media outlets that have at least 1 year history should be granted a press/coverage pass. But there should be three ratings for circulation.

    Small Circulation (Blogs, magazines, etc)
    Broad Circulation (Magazines, popular blogs, etc.)
    Major Circulation (Mainstream media, large circulation magazines, big names)

    The actual numbers would have to be determined by organizers. But this would provide a much fairer handling for all parties. Sure, a small circulator will get less swag. But hey, you should be there for the coverage NOT the swag.

  3. The first time i read his comment, i seen his point and tended to agree with him. Even knowing full well that blogs like mine were his intended target. A day or so later … not so much. What i do is done to amuse me. It never entered my mind that it would open doors that had previously been closed.

    Being able to gt into the press room at the NRA convention was simply awesome. Getting to meet the people whose blogs i’d been reading. Reading for years, i might add, before ever thinking of starting a blog.

    Same with the LuckyGunner thing last Memorial day. I was tickled to be able to be a part of it. That’s where i met you Sebastion. And being in the 2nd relay, sharing a lane with you, i was impressed how you ‘rock the glock’. Whatever IDPA matches, training and etc. you’ve been doing … it shows.

    I’ve always read about SHOT and never dreamed it would be possible to attend. If this hadn’t been such a ‘wet’ year, and work had gone better, i’d have surely went. I guess what i’m trying to convey is that, some of us small timers aren’t in it for the really cool free shit, but the experience to be able to grow.

    As always, YMMV

  4. As a Las Vegan I have the good fortune of attending SHOT show most years. I read the various gun blogs for entertainment and to get different perspectives on gun issues. While I blog, I don’t “gun blog” per se and so was unaware of the kerfluffle surrounding who should be entitled to media credentials at SHOT Show. In the late 90’s I wrote for several small regional hunting publications and based on that attempted to obtain media credentials to SHOT show. The application at that time required proof of a minimum number of articles published in a “national publication” in the previous year. I don’t recall how many but it was more than a handful. I presume a well known gun media person (thinking Barsness, Boddington, Ayoob, Sanow etc.) would not need to jump through the hoops and the requirement was there to keep out those with no real media influence. In those years there was also a fairly strict prohibition on all things camera at the show unless special permission was obtained. Now jump forward 15 years.

    This year, more so than any other so far, I noticed lots of video cameras ranging from small consumer hand held models all the way to professional film crews. From the appearance, most of them were some sort of “new media” which a glance at their attendee credentials usually proved out. I listened in on a few interviews as they occurred and felt that the questioning and presentation were usually equal to or better than most professional news reporters. I did not personally see anyone try to get extra “swag” based upon their status (though I’m sure such things happen) and expect that their readers enjoyed seeing their favorite blogger presenting unique and individual material rather than just rehashing national or local news or opining on some event which for good or bad tends to be the mainstay of many blogs.

    So when I read about this issue (Helinski’s statements) I had to do some research on him to put the comments in context. I tend to purchase firearms from a few local sources and had no personal knowledge of his particular site. My first impression was it is mostly a sales site with a blog attached. Considerably different from the normal gun blog. When I looked at the GA Blog, I saw several authors named (two notables are Boddington and Seyfried) but did not see Helinski’s name on the authors list. So unless he blogs uncredited (very possible) he is actually more of a business owner that has a blog than a real “blogger” in the classic sense.

    I equate this to one manufacturer trying to convince the NSSF/SHOT that a much smaller upstart with a similar product should not be allowed to exhibit at media shoot day because it just crowds to range and devalues the larger producers product line. That is why it is called a free market. One thing is pretty certain though. Mr. Helinski’s position does nothing to encourage me to visit his site, purchase his product or patronize his advertisers.

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